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How to choose resin for your FRP Grating platform ?


How to choose resin for your FRP Grating platform ?

The FRP molded grating is made of unsaturated polyester resin, glass fiber roving and filler calcium powder, and is made by special process on a custom metal mold. Among them, each raw material provides different product characteristics to the grid plate, and the polyester resin is used as the base material of the grid plate, mainly giving it excellent corrosion resistance. So, which resin is better for FRP grating products ?

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Unsaturated polyester resins can be classified into o-benzene type, meta-benzene type, vinyl type, and phenol type depending on their characteristics such as corrosion resistance and flame retardancy. The specific properties of the resin and recommended use are as follows:

1, o-benzene type (O-AF), flame retardant performance in the oxygen index of 28 or above, with a general degree of acid and alkali resistance, suitable for use in applications where corrosion resistance is not high;

2, meta-benzene type (I-IF), flame retardant performance in the oxygen index of 28 or above, slightly higher than the price of the adjacent benzene type, excellent acid resistance, moderate alkali resistance and solvent;

3, benzene food grade (I-FF), flame retardant performance in the oxygen index of 26, mainly used in meat products and various food processing plants and other occasions;

4, vinyl type (V-CF), flame retardancy in the oxygen index of 28 or above, excellent acid and alkali resistance, mainly used in harsh environments such as strong acid, alkali, organic solvents;

5, vinyl type (V-CR), flame retardant performance in the oxygen index of 35 or above, suitable for use in environments with high flame retardancy requirements and high corrosion;

6, phenolic type (MP-5), flame retardant performance in the oxygen index of 80 or more, mainly in the environment of high fire and low smoke requirements;

From the above, we can know that the performance of different types of resin to make the grid plate is also different, so which resin is better ? The answer to this question is actually very simple. We should decide which type of resin raw material to use according to the environment in which the grid plate is to be used. If it is only used as a tree guard or cargo rack, the anti-corrosion performance is not high. Then, it is sufficient to select the o-benzene type of the resin; on the other hand, if it is used in a highly corrosive environment such as a chemical plant, sewage treatment, or offshore platform, it is necessary to use a vinyl resin having a strong corrosion resistance. Of course, the price of the grid plates made by different resin types is also different. The o-benzene type is more economical, the vinyl type has excellent corrosion resistance, but the product cost is relatively high. Therefore, we need to choose a more economical type of raw materials according to the requirements of the specific environment. In addition, in addition to the resin raw materials, glass fiber rovings and fillers for making grid sheets are also available in different types. As the main load-bearing carrier of the grid plate, glass fiber is the main raw material that affects the load-bearing performance of the grid load; different types of fillers provide different flame retardant effects to the grid plate. Finally, after determining the raw materials for the FRP molded grid, it is also necessary to select the size of the grid plate. The thickness of the grid plate is a major factor affecting the strength of the load. It is necessary to select the grille of the appropriate thickness according to the requirements of the environment. As for the specific size of the product, we can customize the production of various specifications and sizes according to the requirements of customers.

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