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About Novel Coronavirus Infection in China
Dear valued customers, The start of year 2020 is borken-hearted for us, because we suffered from Novel Coronavirus. and a great NBA star, Kobe Bryant passed away in helicopter accident . About Novel Coronavirus Infection, the Chinese government is taking ...
1/17 2020

HeslyGroup Holiday Notice --- 2020 Chinese Lunar New Year

HeslyGroup Holiday Notice --- 2020 Chinese Lunar New Year Dear Valued Customers from all o...
1/9 2020

Welded Wire Fence VS Chain Link Fence___HeslyFence

Welded Wire Fence VS Chain Link Fence___HeslyFence Woven chain link fence and welded wire ...
12/24 2019

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Wishes

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Wishes Dear Valued Customers, From enti...
12/22 2019

HESLY Refractory Hexmesh VS Bad quality Hexmesh

HESLY Refractory Hexmesh VS Bad quality Hexmesh from other supplier A good picture is bett...
12/21 2019

HeslyGrating tell you how to produce FRP/GRP Grating Sheet ?

HeslyGrating tell you how to produce FRP/GRP Grating Sheet ? 1. Raw Material Stirring Conf...
12/21 2019

How to choose resin for your FRP Grating platform ?

How to choose resin for your FRP Grating platform ? The FRP molded grating is made of unsa...
10/24 2019

Barbed Wire Vs Razor Wire

Barbed Wire Vs Razor Wire Barbed wire and razor wire are two understood security installat...
1/7 2019

Why Hesly Temporary Fencing ?

Why Hesly Temporary Fencing ? On Time, Every Time If you want a temporary fenc...
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